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Thursday, November 27, 2008


"please give me some advice the pain i feel is excruciating and has taken my ability to live as intended away and i am at the end of my rope................" 

Weakness.... i dunno.
on my own. yes.
It will wear you down. It wore me down. I can handle a large amount of pain all at once. but the steady drip of chronic pain is torture.

How long is someone supposed to endure a daily life of pain? 

Lets add measured perspective to this 
We will live to be 70, 80, 90, 100+. 
At least 35 years for me to go. 
35 years with 12 months in each year.
12 months with each having 30/31 days
Each years has 365 days. 12775 days is 35 years
ONE month has 30 days. one day has 24 hours. 60 seconds in the hour.
1 mississippi 2 mississippi 3 mississippi 4 mississippi 5 mississippi 

that was five seconds... 5 seconds of being in pain.
60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours x 30 days x 12 months x 35 years

well that is about 1,088,640,000
over a billion of 1 mississippi
I do not think that I would call it weakness to NOT want to be in pain for one billion eighty-eight million six hundred forty thousand mississippi's
It is not a flaw in character or spirit. I do not know of anyone ever and I cannot imagine anyone who would want to endure any level of discomfort for that many mississippis. 

So weak is the last thing I would refer to you or myself or anyone who has chronic pain.
Quite the opposite. The strength you have had to have to endure it so far and to not be a complete mess. The fact that you  are (or I am) still standing, albeit a little hunched over and leaning on the counter, with a good majority of your marbles in your pocket still shows just how strong your character and spirit is.

Aversion to negative stimuli is the second most  powerful motivator. Only the "mothers love" is stronger as demonstrated on countless lab mice and electricity. So it is not surprising that people do not want to empathize with pain. It does not become real to them because they will not willing to take the pain themselves. So yes, dealing with the pain will be a thing that is solitary, but dealing with it can include the use of opiates. 

Remember that it is by a doctors prescription and supervision. So alone you can deal with it, but you can get help dealing with it with the oxy so that while you are dealing with it, you can enjoy a quality of life that we are all entitled to as set forth by our forefathers and one of the reasons why we live in the countries that we do.

And in taking the pills, there is no weakness.
I invite anyone to show me one person in history that was willing to and did so happily take a literal measured lifetime of slow torture without cause.

Ya to the oxy

As for going without the meds, would you not take your heart medication if you had a heart condition? Would you not take synthroid if you had an underactive thyroid? If you had seisures, would you not take seizure medication to prevent them? 

So why would we not take medication that is designed for chronic pain if we have pain that last the rest of our lives?

Take the pill. Enjoy your life. Follow your doctors advise.

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